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Festival season is in full swing!

There are so many exciting events during the month of May, it *may* just leave your head spinning… In particular, the good people of Nola were pumped about the long-awaited return of the Annual Jazz & Heritage Festival. Over 475,000 folks gathered at the fairgrounds for this year’s celebration!

I think we can all agree that one of the best parts of Jazz Fest is the FOOD.

Wandering around in the balmy sun with your favorite fest buddies while listening to all those amazing musicians… can only be made more perfect with the addition of the classic Jazz Fest foods!  From Crawfish Monica to po-boys to a refreshing rose mint iced tea… you really can’t go wrong no matter which treat you choose!

Now, a week post-fest, you may be feeling a different kind of blues… the kind that comes when you think of waiting a whole year to get your hands on those Jazz Fest goodies again!

So, we thought it would be fun to recreate our favorite Jazz Fest treats at home. These dishes aren’t too tough to replicate… and you can put your own fun spin on each one!

The best part: SCF can help you liven up every festive dish you create with our fresh microgreens, sprouts, and edible flowers.

Check out these recipes below – along with the perfect pairings we can offer you!  

NOLA Crawfish Bread

Click Here for an easy, tasty recipe! 

Garnish your creation with our micro-onion.

Cochon de lait Po-boy

After loading up your Leidenheimer bread,

garnish with our micro-radish.

Jazz Fest Mango Freeze

Garnish with our fresh micro-basil.

Yakamein:  New Orleans’ Own Hangover Cure

Top off your healthy bowl with sprinkles of our micro- radish or shiso.

Rosemint Iced Tea

Garnish with our edible rose petals.

AND… last but never least…. OUR FAVORITE:

Crawfish Monica

Garnish with our micro- onion.

Be sure to snap some photos of your Jazz Fest food creations! 

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