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New Orleans Landscape Design and Installation

Southern City Farm’s landscape design and installation team can create a unique landscape to transform the outdoor environment of your home or business.

Our team of licensed landscape architects, landscape installation contractors, and horticulturists will ensure your landscape project exceeds your goals and meets your budget.

Licensed Landscape Architect

With experience in commercial and residential landscape architecture, our licensed landscape architect ensures the design concept meets your vision and suits the space and surrounding environment.

We take pride in our unique and sustainable landscape architecture to achieve environmental, social-behavioral, and aesthetic outcomes.

Our landscape designers are experts in hardscape (non-living parts) and softscape (living parts).

Residential Landscape Design

Whether you want to create a unique backyard front yard landscape, our residential landscape team will transform your yard into an outdoor space you can enjoy and love. With years of experience designing and installing residential landscapes for homeowners all across the New Orleans area, we will ensure your residential project meets your design goals and budget.

Commercial Landscape Design

With years of experience designing commercial and public outdoor landscapes, our licensed landscape architects, designers, and installers can create stunning landscapes for retail, public outdoor spaces like parks, campuses, gardens, and other commercial centers.

Work with Southern City Farm and Landscaping

Once you have an idea for your project, our landscape architect will meet with you to discuss budget and goals for your outdoor space and then propose a plan to make your vision a reality. If you don’t have a vision, we can make one for you!

We will give you suggestions based on your plant preferences, garden maintenance, and budget. We can help you choose the best plants to place in your garden for sustainability and maintenance.

We design your garden using landscape design software like AutoCad, Photoshop, and Sketchup and provide you with drawings for review.

How we Design: The Key Elements of Landscape Design

We blend the natural and manmade elements of the landscape for a beautiful and sustainable outdoor environment:

 1.Elements of Landscape

We use the surrounding natural elements:

  • Plants– We use many varieties of plants like trees, shrubs, creepers and climbers, land covers, and others.
  • Architectural design – We consider elements like enframement (creating outdoor rooms), scale induction (to emphasize the desirable architectural lines and masses), creation of plaza, defining pathways, creating a welcoming look and aesthetic appeal to a structure or building
  • Environmental – We design for sustainability and minimal environmental impact. We consider elements like microclimate modifiers (pollution, noise, and climate control), conservation, erosion control, retaining groundwater and soil fertility, preventing siltation
  • Water We use water to make the landscape space more attractive. Water structures serve as ecological homes for animals and plants.  We can install various types of water features: fountains, pools, ponds, spouts and artificial waterfalls.
  • Landform Defines how your landscape will be designed.  Sloped landforms create spatial edges while level landforms do not.  We consider your landform and how it defines space before we create a landscape design plan.
  • Timber offers a natural appeal for many structures and features on a landscape. Pergolas, plant boxes, seats, decorative fences, and even walkways can be made from durable wood materials.
  • Stone creates a durable, natural element for features like pavers, stairs, flooring of outdoor living spaces, water fountains, man-made bodies of water like ponds or an outdoor fireplace.

We also use man-made elements in our design:

  • Brick is an excellent versatile material for accenting stairs, planters, pathways, an attractive fireplace, and a garden bench.
  • Metal brings a simple, utilitarian, and industrial feel to any of our outdoor landscaping projects.

Aluminum and stainless steel perform well for edging for walkways and landscaping furniture like tables, benches, and chairs, or swing for a garden.

Metals can also feature in other exterior landscape projects like green screens, sculptures, sun shades, and cable railings.

  • Recycled Glass can be a practical and decorative element in an outdoor living space.  We use it as tiles for outdoor water structures, groundcover, DIY lighting, fire pit topping, garden art, and unique decorative walls

2.How we Design: Landscape Design Concepts

Our design concepts lay on the foundation of organizing and providing structure to your space. We use key elements to create a harmonious and unified landscape:

  • Focal Point is a unique landscape area to be emphasized with architectural detail.  We can help you create a focal point in your garden architecture that will reflect your unique personality.
  • Line creates physical flow and connectivity through a landscape to elicit an emotional response and direct the eye toward a focal point.
  • Form or texture refers to the shape of objects in a landscape that can evoke emotions and create ambiance.  We take advantage of form in landscape design to set the mood of the space. Texture can be described as coarse, fine, or medium, and form can be stated as upright, cascading, irregular, sprawling, clumping, spiky, and mounding.
  • Color brings a landscape design into life by adding dimension and interest.  We use color to integrate with the home or the building to create a mood or a statement.
  • Mass describes the size of the space or area occupied by an object or a group of objects.  In designing a landscape, the mass of the objects should be in balance.

Customized Landscape Design by Southern City Farm and Landscaping

Southern City Farm and Landscaping believes that your outside environment matters just as much as your indoor environment, and we seek to bring life to your outdoor space through beautiful landscape architectural designs.

We will work with you in managing every stage of the process through careful planning, open communication, and attention to detail as we customize plans and sculpt your perfect retreat.  The Southern City Farm and Landscaping team will transform your residential or commercial outdoor space with the best landscape architecture techniques in a timely and cost-effective way.

Give us a call today at 504-608-5570 to learn more about our services!


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