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Mondo #5
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Mondo grass, scientifically named ophiopogon japonicus, is a popular plant due to its many uses in landscaping. It’s versatile, low-maintenance, and thrives in full to part shade. It comes in two sizes, standard (grows 8” – 12”) and dwarf (grows 4” – 6”), and you can get it in green or black!

Probably the most popular way mondo grass is used is as a border. It creates clean lines, whether you want to create straight or curved edges. It also gets fuller over time, and doesn’t obstruct views of the flowers and shrubs behind it.


Another great way to use mondo grass is to plant it between stepping stones or pavers. This little plant can handle the traffic that comes with a walkway or patio, so it is an ideal candidate for those cracks between pavers. In addition to creating a visual impact, mondo is also more budget friendly than pavers. It’s a good way to stretch your dollar by spacing out your stones and filling with mondo grass. It should be pointed out that it’s important to use dwarf mondo grass for this application. You want the grass short so that it doesn’t hide the pavers and won’t create a tripping hazard.

Design by Andrew Prat (Southern City Farm), installation by Pfefferle Lawns

Design by Andrew Prat (Southern City Farm), installation by Pfefferle Lawns

Mondo grass makes a great ground cover. It does well between tree roots, a variety of soil conditions, and even slopes. Around New Orleans, you’ll often see mondo grass planted under trees to fill in what would otherwise just be dirt. It’s an easy way to frame a tree with an intentional design. Mondo grass is a good option for those sloped areas near ditches or canals. It holds the soil in place to prevent runoff, but also doesn’t require the grueling task of mowing on an incline!

Mondo was planted beneath this tree to add an element of green where grass would not grow.

So if you’re looking for something low-maintenance and versatile, pick up a few flats of mondo grass (or just call our nursery at 504-214-7521 to have it delivered) next time you have a garden project!

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