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New Orleans Ground Covers

Ground covers are a top choice for those wanting to add beauty to their landscape. They work well in different environments and are ideal for locations where the grass is difficult to maintain.

Groundcovers for shade areas can solve numerous landscaping problems.

These low-growing plants spread quickly and can provide numerous benefits. Many use them for erosion control, tree protection, and weed prevention.

Southern City Farm and Landscaping offers various types of ground covers matching your needs.

Here are some of the most popular ones our clients choose.

The Best Choices for a Perennial Groundcover

Ground cover flowering plants give little pops of colors that add value to your yard.

Flowering thyme is one of the best ground cover plants we recommend if you want a flowering variety that stays green even during the winter season.

It can tolerate temperatures of around -30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thyme also pairs well with other plants in your garden. You can also choose a taller variety or one used for cooking.

Mondo grass is a very versatile choice, especially if you’re planning to put it where it is subjected to a lot of heat.

It is also durable and can tolerate -10 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

Mini mondo is a choice for tree bases and stone pathways. Black mondo is one of the cooler varieties that can produce dark purple flowers during the summer.

Creeping Raspberry is a solid choice for shaded areas. It is deer resistant and produces beautiful white flowers during springtime.

The ground cover also grows fruit, though it is inedible.

It can resist -10 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter seasons and blooms a beautiful red in autumn.

Weed Prevention Ground Covers

Sedum ‘lemon ball’ is one of the most versatile weed suppressors. It works best in areas with partial sun and shade.

Their growth leaves little space for weeds, and they also bloom beautiful pink flowers during the summer. It is also hardy and can last all year.

Asian Jasmine is a popular groundcover in deep shade and partial sun. It has vigorous, glossy green leaves and does great under live oak trees.

Ground Covers With Fast Growth

English Ivy is a wonderful ground cover and climber that is a fast grower, does well in shade, and prefers rich organic soil.

Sweet potato vine is a bright, fast-growing herbaceous perennial that adds a pop of color to the garden floor or creeping out of pots and planters.

The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is a great reference for gardeners and growers to determine which plants thrive at a certain location.

If you have conditions for it to grow, it will spread fast and require almost no maintenance.

Tufted Creeping Phlox is a variety that originated here in the US and is one of the easiest to grow. It works best in moist soil and partially shaded areas.

Not only does it grow fast, but it can also suppress weed growth. It also produces beautiful pink and white flowers during the spring when it grows to around 12 inches in height.

Geraniums work best under the full sun and grow to a cover that can resist weeds.

From spring to summer, it transforms and blooms purple/pink flowers. For the rest of the year, its color is mostly gray/green.

Southern City Farm and Landscaping has a multitude of options for a fast-growing ground cover that can beautify your outdoor space by filling in underdeveloped areas with vibrant colors and texture.

Low-Maintenance Ground Covers

Lamium is a choice if you want a versatile and durable ground cover that can tolerate most unfavorable conditions.

It is deer resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures, including during a drought.

There are many varieties of Lamium, with the most popular being the Pink Chablis. It is a variety to choose if you want the cover to bloom flowers.

Not only are they low maintenance, but they also thrive through the year.

Vinca minor is a ground cover used by many commercial and residential areas. There are very few pests that target it, so it requires little maintenance.

It also prevents weeds, and it is a vine, so it can grow on fences or trellises if you want to train it.

Honeysuckle is a beautiful ground cover that is low maintenance and attractive to wildlife. It is an ideal choice for your area if you want to attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

During the summer, it blooms with red, yellow, or white flowers. The best conditions it can grow in is in full sun conditions, as it resists heat well.

A Ground Cover for Every Situation

Southern City Farm and Landscaping is the trusted choice for ornamental landscape plants in New Orleans.

We strive to deliver top-quality plants grown here in Louisiana.

We are also a top supplier of edible flowers, microgreens, and sprouts.

We offer wholesale prices and can even bring the plants to you at no extra charge.

Call us today to learn more about the groundcovers we offer.