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New Orleans Landscaping Trees to Upgrade Your Garden

Trees are one of nature’s best creations. They provide the world with so many benefits, yet they only require water, sunlight, soil, and minimal care to thrive.

At Southern City Farm, we have one of the best New Orleans landscape trees.

We have a variety of options, from huge and impressive trees to tall, skinny trees for landscaping.

Find out why we are advocates of trees in landscaping and which trees we recommend for you.

Benefits of Trees to the Environment

Trees are the biggest plants on the planet, and they are essential to life.

Here are some benefits that we get from trees.

  • Trees help regulate essential gases. Trees literally provide us with oxygen, the air we need to live. They also absorb carbon dioxide, helping us minimize global warming.
  • Trees prevent calamities. Trees prevent soil erosion, and they act as natural filters that prevent water pollution. They save us from floods and drafts.
  • Trees provide us with food and materials. Trees provide countless animals with food, and they provide us with wood, timber, fuel, and many more materials that we use in our daily lives.
  • Trees give several industries economic opportunities. Agriculture makes up about 1% of the US economy.

Benefits of Trees to a Property

While trees have many other benefits to the environment, we also want to discuss the benefits of trees to a property.

  • Trees add aesthetic appeal. When landscaping is done right, they provide a property with stunning aesthetic appeal that is perfect for events and photo and video shoots.
  • They increase a property’s value. Proper landscaping can increase a property’s value by as much as 15%.
  • They provide a relaxing and healing atmosphere. Trees provide a feeling of peace and quiet that employees and guests will surely appreciate.  Studies have shown that sick patients with access to a view of trees heal faster than those without.
  • They provide comfort. During the summer, areas with a lot of trees are generally cooler because of the oxygen that the trees release into the atmosphere as well as the shade that their branches and leaves provide. During the colder months, they protect us from strong winds.

Our Trees


Oaks are the most common landscape trees in the USA.

We highly recommend oaks for big spaces, as no other landscape tree can compare to the magnificence and solace that oaks provide.

We especially love seeing oaks in the autumn, when their leaves turn into beautiful shades of yellow, red, and brown, depending on the variety.

Apart from its majestic appearance, the oak is known for many other things, such as its importance to the ecosystem and its ability to adapt to extreme climate conditions.

Oaks grow to be massive trees and will provide shade in the summer, for you and birds and wildlife too.

They can also survive the harshest climates, from the hottest summers to the coldest winters.

If you are looking for big trees that require little care but provide unparalleled beauty and value, then the oak tree is for you.


The term holly is used for a genus of about 400 species of flowering plants.

These plants range from 6 inches to 70 feet in height.

They usually bear flowers and fruits that are attractive for many bird species and are the perfect decorative trees for landscaping.

Here are some of the most common types of hollies:

  • Savannah Hollies – Savannah Hollies are one of the largest of the holly trees, growing up to 40’ height and 30’ spread. They have bright red berries and pale green leaves.
  • East Palatka Hollies – East Palatka Hollies are upright and slender in appearance (45’ ht. And 10’ spread), with bright red berries in fall. They Can come in Standard trunk or Multi-trunk. East Palatka Hollies can be utilized as a beautiful evergreen privacy screen, and be tightly maintained.
  • Eagleston Hollies – Shorter and wider than East Palatka, Eagleston Holly trees grow to 25’ height and 15’ spread. These trees also offer bright red berries in the fall and winter.

Hollies are the perfect accents and can highlight any space, from a small garden to huge commercial properties. They are our best seller here at Southern City Farm.

Crape Myrtles

Crape myrtles are popular small trees for landscaping, known for their colorful and long-lasting flowers that have crape-like textures.

These lovely plants bear flowers in summer and autumn, with gorgeous colors ranging from dark purple to white.

Crape myrtles are usually used in landscaping as shrub borders and container plants.

They add beauty and color to any property. We recommend using crape myrtles to areas that need a burst of color.

For the best New Orleans small landscape trees and wholesale organic produce, send us a message or give us a call at 504-214-7521.