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Plant Nursery and Landscape Supply in New Orleans

We supply retail and wholesale trees, shrubs, groundcovers and ornamental plants.

We sell a huge variety of ornamental plants, including holly trees, camellias, boxwoods, perennial and annual flowers; and vegetable and herb starters on our 1 acre nursery and farm in Lower-Coast Algiers.

We also source the best landscape trees, such as oaks, hollies, and crape myrtles. We aim to be a one-stop shop for all plant needs for our New Orleans Community, so they won’t have to go far to buy quality plants.

We also offer wholesale plants to contractors and landscapers. Please contact us for more info.

Benefits of Having House Plants

Apart from being a supplier of organic produce, Southern City Farm and Landscaping is our landscape nursery that offers plants for commercial and personal use.

We’ve all heard in our science classes just how beneficial plants are to the environment and to humans.

Plants produce oxygen, which we need to live. They take in carbon dioxide, which helps lessen the impacts of global warming. They also provide us with food.

Scientists, however, keep adding to the list of the wonders that plants can bring about.

Here are some lesser-known health benefits that we get from plants:

  1. Plants help us breathe better. Plants enhance air quality, greatly improving the depth of our breathing. Plants that are clustered together increases the humidity level in an area, keeping respiratory problems to a minimum.
  2. Plants allow us to sleep better because of the extra oxygen that they produce.
  3. Certain plants catch allergens and can reduce the amount of dust and mold in a room, which minimizes the chance of getting allergies.
  4. Plants can sharpen focus and bring about productivity They are the perfect mood boosters in workspaces at home.
  5. Humans are naturally happier when surrounded by nature and plenty of plants.  Indoor plants, no matter the size of the living area, bring about a feeling of calm and happiness. Flowering plants are especially known to cheer people up.

These benefits are probably some reasons why there has been an increase in plant sales over the past months.

Increase in Plant Sales  

A major factor in plant sales increase is that people, particularly millennials, who are spending more on health and wellness.

Given the many physical and mental benefits associated with plants, it’s only natural that more people want house plants of their own.

It’s suddenly trendy to be a plant mom or dad again!

Social media is said to play a huge part in this, where influencers are motivating their followers to try their hand at gardening.

Another factor that has affected the increase in plant sales is that people usually want to shower another being with love and affection while waiting for life milestones like getting married or having children.

Given that some living quarters have strict guidelines on pets, plants are sometimes the better option. Plants cost less and are much easier to maintain than pets.

Get Your Ornamental and Edible Plants Now!

We offer a wide variety of ornamental and edible plants, and we offer free delivery to clients from New Orleans and nearby areas with a minimum purchase of $50.

We can accommodate most plant needs, such as edible plants, shade trees, flowering shrubs, indoor house plants for commercial and personal use.

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