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Potted Patio Plants

At Southern City Farm, we love providing our customers with beautiful plants grown locally in Louisiana. When your yard is finished but your green thumb needs tending, consider adding pots in a neglected patio corner or spruce up your front porch. Container gardening allows you to enjoy the benefits of a broad range of plants even in a small space. These gardens are versatile, attractive and easy to care for, making them excellent additions.


No matter if you live in a small home with only a balcony, patio or deck space to use, your entire garden can grow in containers. You can enjoy flower gardening, vegetable gardening and even dwarf versions of trees. In homes with more space, using large outdoor potted plants provides a way of softening corners and defining space.


For the best appearance, choose patio containers all of one type or coordinate using just a couple of different materials. Before you select any patio container, take a good look at your home and garden. Choose materials and colors that enhance what you already have. Bigger pots provide more impact. Not only are large plant containers visually appealing, but they make care somewhat easier. A large outdoor plant container will not dry out quickly and can be treated more like a small garden plot.

At Southern City Farm, we provide locally grown quality plants, trees, shrubs and vegetables that can be delivered and planted in pots to enhance your homes appearance.

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