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The Garden at Christian Brothers School
Edible Garden

This past Spring, Christian Brothers School at City Park invited Southern City Farm to participate in their new landscape design and garden installation. The garden was a concept created by the school to be an educational garden for 5th – 7th graders teaching them to maintain fruit, vegetables, and nut trees that grow well in New Orleans. The project also includes a rainwater harvesting system the helps irrigate the plants and trees.

Southern City Farm designed the garden working together with Pfefferle Lawns Landscaping Company for the entire installation. The plants and trees were brought in from several locations such as Becnel Citrus, Hawkins Nursery, Green Garden Nursery, and John Langston Nursery.

The project came together beautifully providing an amazing opportunity for the students at Christian Brothers and creating a fresh garden backdrop for City Park visitors passing by.

From a variety of vegetables to fruits and nuts, the garden includes:

Black Walnut, Chinese Chestnut, Fuyu Persimmon, Arbequina Olive, Meyer Lemon, Owari Satsuma, Hamlin Sweet Louisiana Orange, Kieffer Lime, Meiw A Sweet Kumquat, Red Grapefruit, Fantastic Avocado, Celeste Fig, Brown Turkey Fig, Blackberry ‘Navaho’, Blueberry ‘Climax’ , ‘Premier’, Pecan, Chinese Chestnut, Arbequina Olive, Gold Nugget Loquat, to name a few.

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