Landscape Design, Plants, and Landscaping Installation from Our Licensed Landscape Architect and Horticulturist

Upgrade the look of your home and business with our different landscape designs.

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We sell a variety of plants including ornamental landscaping plants, camellias, boxwood, holly, and more in New Orleans.

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Fresh produce straight to your plate

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Landscape Architecture Design and Landscaping Installation

Offering landscape design for any style.


Nothing beats a classic southern garden with colorful flowers.


Modern and classic all rolled into one unique garden.


A perfect spot for rest and relaxation.

tropical garden-min-compressed

Invoke the atmosphere of a tropical paradise without leaving your home.


Experience zen in the tranquil and minimalist nature of a Japanese garden.


The garden-style started in the 18th century and still a classic choice among homeowners.


A rustic garden for every type of home.


Grow your own herb or produce in the comforts of your home.

For chefs

Guaranteed fresh greens on the menu. We deliver on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in New Orleans, and Thursday in the Northshore.


We work with various distributors and markets throughout the city of New Orleans. Find out where you can buy our products in your neighborhood.

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Wholesale Produce
Southern City Farm
Quality New Orleans Urban Farm Offering Fresh Produce and Landscaping

Southern City Farm and Landscaping is an urban farm and landscaping business in New Orleans founded by Andrew Prat and Adrian Nikdast.

Our company offers over 40 varieties of herbs, microgreens, sprouts, and edible flowers to the market, which can be used for home-cooking and restaurants. We source our landscape plants from growers throughout Louisiana.

Our goal is to provide convenient and affordable landscape designs and landscaping installations, as well as fresh quality produce at wholesale prices.


Andrew Prat, Co-Founder and Owner, is a licensed Landscape Architect and Horticulturalist. He is a New Orleans native who graduated with a degree in Landscape Architecture from Louisiana State University in 2014. In addition to many behind the scenes responsibilities, Andrew heads the landscaping section of the company creating designs, providing estimates, performing and overseeing landscape installations, and purchasing plants for installations and our retail nursery. Andrew is also the frontline contact for micro-green sales and purchasing. He is always available to take your questions and orders, and help you make your landscaping dreams come true!

Chelsea Digby grew up in Hernando, Mississippi. She went to Ole Miss, and returned to Hernando to work as a legal assistant before moving to New Orleans to take on her next adventure. Chelsea’s work at SCF spans throughout all aspects of the company from horticulture and landscape design, to cooking and writing. Her most valued skill is her vision and attention to detail. She has the ability to turn any space into an entire experience. She gives character to everything she touches, and is a vital part of what makes Southern City Farm so special. She can’t wait to welcome you to our Farm this Spring!

Ethan Hagen grew up in Ohio where he received his Bachelors at Ohio University. He continued his education at the University of Tennessee where he received his Masters in Plant Biology. He spent several years in the agriculture and landscape industries in San Diego before joining us here in New Orleans. Ethan is the Farm Manager. He grows the highest quality, most flavorful microgreens and makes sure the nursery plants are always looking beautiful. He also keeps the Farm in tip-top shape, so that when you come to visit, you want to keep coming back! He enjoys the outdoor opportunities New Orleans provides, and particularly enjoys canoeing on the bayous.

Our resident farm mascot, Miley is about 8 years old. She was adopted from a shelter in Southaven, MS. Rescues are the best! She can normally be found lounging in some shade and sniffing the air. She loves to check on the cows next door. She’d love to tell you hi when you come shop with us at one of our upcoming sales!

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