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Welcome to Southern City Farm, LLC, where our passion for innovative garden design and landscape architecture has been shaping New Orleans, LA, for over a decade. Founded 10 years ago, Southern City Farm, LLC began its journey in the halls of landscape architecture school, where a deep appreciation for plant life and design principles took root. Our unique approach at Southern City Farm, LLC combines the artistic finesse of big firm expertise with the personalized touch of a small business. At Southern City Farm, LLC, we pride ourselves on understanding the deeper motivations behind each landscaping feature, ensuring we deliver not just a service, but an experience tailored to your desires.

Our expertise in landscaping at Southern City Farm, LLC is vast and varied, offering everything from garden installation to intricate landscape design and installation. When it comes to garden design, our process at Southern City Farm, LLC is as personal as it gets. We collaborate with you to understand your vision, whether it’s for privacy, a relaxation spot, or purely aesthetic purposes. Our team at Southern City Farm, LLC then crafts a detailed proposal, complete with layout sketches and plant recommendations, transforming your space into a haven of ornamental beauty. We handle everything – from demolishing the old landscape to introducing fresh soil, creating new garden beds, and the final touches of planting and mulching.

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Landscape design and installation, another cornerstone of our services at Southern City Farm, LLC, goes beyond mere aesthetics. We begin with an on-site estimate, understanding the purpose of your space and translating it into a functional and beautiful design using Auto-CAD. Our comprehensive approach at Southern City Farm, LLC includes demolition, grading, drainage, site work, irrigation, and hardscaping, ensuring a seamless transition from concept to reality. At Southern City Farm, LLC, each project is a masterpiece of careful planning and execution.

For those seeking to enhance their outdoor living spaces, our patio installation service at Southern City Farm, LLC is second to none. We delve into understanding the functional needs of your patio – be it for a family gathering area, a BBQ pit, or a tranquil retreat. Our process at Southern City Farm, LLC includes excavation, grading, laying pavers, and installing polymeric sand, ensuring durability and style. Each patio we design at Southern City Farm, LLC is a reflection of your lifestyle, crafted with the finest materials, from flagstone to concrete slabs.

We haven’t forgotten the green enthusiasts who prefer a low-maintenance yet lush lawn. Our artificial turf installation service at Southern City Farm, LLC offers a practical and aesthetic solution. We guide you through the selection process, ensuring the turf complements your space and lifestyle. Our installation process at Southern City Farm, LLC is meticulous, involving excavation, grading, and precise laying of the turf, resulting in a stunning, evergreen landscape that requires minimal upkeep.

At Southern City Farm, LLC, we are more than just a landscaping company. We are a team of dream-weavers, turning your vision into a reality with expertise, passion, and a deep understanding of the art and science of landscaping. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction at Southern City Farm, LLC is unwavering, making us a trusted partner in creating beautiful, functional, and sustainable outdoor spaces. Join us at Southern City Farm, LLC in crafting a greener, more vibrant New Orleans, one garden, one landscape, and one patio at a time.

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