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Creative Team February 9th, 2024

English Garden

An English country garden, also called an English landscape garden, is a type of garden established in 18th-century England.

It was developed to revolt against the architectural garden’s formal style. While the architectural garden relied heavily on unnatural shapes in its patterns, sculptures, and trees, the English garden honored nature.

The goal of English Country Garden is to create a design as similar to nature as possible.

The old English Country garden style usually included an entryway, green lawns set against groves of trees, and sometimes even a body of water.

Often in smaller spaces, English Gardens are designed with colorful flower beds, overflowing onto bright green lawn pathways. We incorporate water features as focal points in the garden.

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English Garden Plants

English gardens are very colorful and welcoming.

The technique in creating a romantic atmosphere commonly associated with this style is to design spaces that amplify an area’s aesthetic value with minimal forced shaping of its elements.

Here’s a list of the plants we often use in our gardens, including trees, shrubs, and English garden flowers.


Oaks are the most common landscape trees in the USA and is also a common component in English gardens.

They’re also excellent for large spaces, and they instantly add a sense of magnificence to any area.

Oaks can survive the harshest summers and winters. They provide shade, beautifully-colored leaves, and a wide variety of wildlife.

They are the ideal landscape trees because they require little care but provide unparalleled beauty and value.


Hollies are great decorative landscaping trees that attract a wide variety of wildlife. They’re famous evergreen trees because of their shiny, spiky leaves and bright red berries that spread joy during the holidays.


Azaleas are beautiful flowering shrubs that are a perfect match for any English garden.

These shrubs are famous in the South for their spectacular colors.


Boxwoods are some of the most popular shrubs in the United States and can be grown all year long.

They would make excellent hedges for any garden.


Peonies have short flowering periods but are stunning and fragrant while in bloom.

They would make a great addition to any garden. When properly cared for, these plants can last for decades.


No English landscape garden would be considered complete without lavenders.

They make a stunning addition to borders and perennial gardens and provide bursts of beautiful colors from summer to fall.

With their bright foliage, upright spikes, and naturally compact form, they are ideal for creating natural hedges.


Foxgloves, also called digitalis, are flowering plants that grow tall spikes.

They produce lovely tubular purple, pink, white, or yellow flowers.

Their flowers can be fitted on human fingertips and sometimes have pretty markings on the petals.


These plants are the most popular summer-flowering shrubs. Their colorful flowers grow in big bundles from summer to fall, and they’re an excellent match for perennials and evergreens.

It’s possible to change the color of hydrangea blooms by adjusting the soil’s pH level, and this technique would add a lovely dash of colors to any garden.


These flowering plants can be temperamental, but they are worth the effort.

They grow tall spires of blue blooms and add a strong vertical highlight to an area. Some varieties can grow as high as six feet tall and would make great borders.


Hollyhocks, also called Alcea Rosea, are the most charming plants. They can grow up to eight feet tall and would also make great borders like delphiniums.

They would also be great for hiding eyesores in the garden.

New Orleans English Gardens

Our New Orleans English gardens usually observe four elements:

Sprawling Green Lawns and Pathways English Gardens are known for their sprawling green lawns. We love creating spacious, grassy lawns that lead to a grove of oaks and hollies.

At Southern City Farm and Landscaping, we have a wide variety of ground covers to choose from for the quintessential English green lawn.

These creeping plants cover sections of the ground and require little maintenance. We help determine the best ground cover colors and textures to achieve the client’s desired effect.

Colorful Flowers
English garden flowers

are known for their vibrant colors. We recommend ornamental plants, but we also have a wide variety of high-quality garden edibles that meet the strictest food safety guidelines.
To maximize flowers’ aesthetic appeal, we take advantage of variations and repetitions. We like using a wide variety of flowering plants, including azaleas.

Viewing Space

We always incorporate a comfortable viewing space, such as benches overlooking flower-laden paths that lead to groves of oaks and hollies.

We also make use of gazebos or cottages if the garden space allows.

Body of Water or Water Feature

Any body of water is an excellent addition to any garden. We recommend birdbath fountains, spouting fountains, or Japanese fountains to complete the ambiance.

English Garden by Southern City Farm and Landscaping

We at Southern City Farm and Landscaping use locally-grown plants and trees for all our landscaping projects to bring unique Southern charm in every single one.

We have built many enchanting gardens in the Big Easy, and we’d love to make more!

Call us now at 504-214-7521 and tell us about your vision for your garden. We’d love to turn it into a reality!