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Creative Team February 9th, 2024

Tranquility and Healing With Nature in Your Own Japanese Garden

A Japanese garden represents the ultimate beauty of nature. It takes time to build it and to let it grow naturally. Let Southern City Farm and Landscaping bring one of the most important elements of Japanese art to your New Orleans home. We can create a picturesque view of a Japanese garden that can give you a tranquil place where you can purify your mind. Enrich your life with the rich Japanese culture with a garden style as you enjoy the in a house garden that we can create right outside your doorstep.

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The Exceptional Elegance of a Japanese Garden

At Southern City Farm and Landscaping , we uphold the integrity of a Japanese garden as the source of the most exciting gardening trends today including the appreciation of bamboo, rock, water, moss, Koi, and aesthetically pruned trees. The exceptional gardening tradition of the Japanese is far more developed and refined since it started more than a millennium ago. Japanese gardens represent the broader category of horticulture including aspects of Art, Architecture, Science, Engineering, History, Horticulture, and Philosophy. Japanese gardens have a distinctive and appealing ability to capture the essence of nature. They have always been conceived as a representation of a natural setting since the Japanese have always had a spiritual connection with their land and the spirits that are one with nature. This is the reason why they prefer to incorporate natural elements into their gardens. We will create that special space in your outdoor environment that will capture the natural beauties of nature, reflecting the true purpose of a Japanese garden. It will be a work of natural art that will inspire calm, healing, renewal, discovery, and an invigorated soul.

Three Main Types of Japanese Garden

Our amazing and experienced landscape architects and designers can help you with the three main styles of Japanese gardens that represent different meanings depending on the elements and what they represent and the design:

Rock/Dry/Zen Garden

This Japanese formal garden represents the spiritualism of Zen Buddhism, which emphasizes the value of meditation and intuition. The main natural elements used in this beautiful Japanese garden are sand or gravel that is used to represent the river or sea. Another main element is the boulders that come in various shapes and sizes, which can be surrounded or accompanied by shrubs and small trees for bonsai plants. A beautiful Karesansui garden can provide enough space and a great atmosphere for meditation and yoga.

Hill and Pond Garden

This stunningly beautiful garden represents a miniature of natural scenery. The word Tsukiyama means the creation of artificial or man-made hills. This classic style Japanese garden has natural elements like ponds, hills, stones, trees, fishes, bridges, moss, paths, flowers, small plants, and streams.

Tea Garden

As the chic name implies, this Japanese garden incorporates a tea ceremony house along with the garden. We can categorize your tea garden into an inner garden and an outer garden connected by a path and separated by a covered gate. This Japanese garden style can be enriched with the following features:

  • Ishidoro – a small stone lantern
  • Tsukubai – a stone basin where guests can wash their hands
  • Nakakuguri – a middle gate
  • Tobi-Ishi – stepping stones
  • Kakei – a bamboo pipe through which water flows constantly

More Profound Japanese Garden Ideas

We create modern gardens inspired by Japanese garden ideas that balance structural elements like concrete into the natural beauty of landscape elements. Even with a small space in your backyard, we are selective in finding the right material, and we give absolute importance to the arrangement of natural rocks and trees. We use the two main principles incorporated in a Japanese garden: scaled reduction and symbolization, in creating these more profound Japanese garden ideas for your home: Stroll Garden If you have a wider space in your yard for a Japanese garden, we can install a path for a stroll. We can include elements like a small central pond, boulders, and trees. This garden-style can reveal the beauty of the whole Japanese garden in your outdoor space from different directions. Pond Garden This Japanese style garden can be more costly in maintaining compared to traditional styles. The main elements include a large formal building with two wings and a large lake or pond in front. Courtyard Garden or Tsuboniwa We can transform your small space into a scenic beauty spot with a Japanese courtyard garden. We build this small garden for homes that features various types of elements from other Japanese garden styles. The elements we place are for ornamental purposes, rather than functional.

The Aesthetics of Elements for Japanese Garden Styles

The basic principles that our trained professionals apply in our techniques in creating Japanese gardens revolve in:

  1. Miniaturization where nature is presented in a miniature view but can be made to appear larger with rocks and trees in the foreground.
  2. Concealment where the garden is meant to be seen one landscape at a time.
  3. Borrowed scenery where elements like hills, trees, or temples are used to incorporate the view of features outside the garden.
  4. Asymmetry where building and garden features are carefully composed into scenes that contrast right angles.

Inspired by nature, we bring these principles into a Japanese garden that is truly a work of art and a true masterpiece reflecting the words of landscape gardener Seyemon Kusumoto: “the best of nature’s handiwork in a limited space”. From this perspective, we use different elements to make your Japanese garden uniquely beautiful:

A Perfect Addition to Your Outdoor Space

Southern City Farm and Landscaping creates Japanese gardens that go beyond the obvious aesthetic beauty and speaks more than just blooms and elements, but of spiritual transcendence. Our well-trained landscape architects and garden specialists who understand the spirituality, poetry, aesthetics, architecture, and applied arts involved in creating Japanese gardens, incorporate elements that will appear to be organic parts of your home’s surroundings. Experience Japan in the comforts of your yard with a garden created by Southern City Farm and Landscaping. Tranquility and healing, meditation and gentle awareness, calm and renewal, discovery, and an invigorated soul will just be a step away from your door. Call us to get yours today!