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Creative Team February 9th, 2024

Tropical Paradise Garden

Tropical gardens are becoming a popular way to spruce up any outdoor space.

It complements numerous home designs and provides a space to relax outdoors.

Many people are interested in creating a garden space as they’re spending more time at home.

We’ve helped many of them build their tropical paradise garden.

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What Is A Tropical Garden?

As the name denotes, a tropical garden differentiates itself from others by having plenty of tropical plants.

Plants in these gardens often have huge leaves and tall plants. To survive, these plants need proper irrigation and heavy mulching.

While these gardens became popular in tropical areas, many can emulate their design in non-tropical regions.

It requires careful choice of flowers and plants.

Some plants can survive in dry seasons, while others will need more water. Direct sunlight is also a must, which is why these gardens are often placed in the sunny areas of a home.

Designing a Tropical Garden

Tropical gardens are lush and vibrant.

The choice of plants is an essential part of its design. A good starting point is to select plants that have interesting textures and irregular leaves.

Exotic plants are the ones that make up most of the garden.

Some choices we recommend:

  1. Palm trees: One of the most identifiable tropical plants. Large palms throughout a yard help evoke the island paradise feel.
  2. Banana trees: Another tree that is often associated with the tropics. One good reason to choose a banana is that it emits a pleasing fragrance.
  3. Bougainvillea: A plant that is known for its vivid colors ranging from red to purple to pink. It grows in large clusters, helping bring color to a garden.
  4. Bamboo: One of the most resilient plants around. The bamboo can flourish in almost any environment and is an excellent choice for creating private spaces outdoors.
  5. Mondo Grass: Grass that often grows long and in clumps. It helps bring volume, accentuating a garden space by helping bring defined textures.
  6. Red Cordyline: A low maintenance plant perfect for any type of landscape, be it traditional or modern. Its burgundy foliage makes it stand out from the usual green annuals and perennials.
  7. Canna Lily: The most flamboyant lilies ever to grace the tropical plants. Although canna lilies are plants of the tropics, most have been developed in temperate climates and are easy to grow in most countries of the world.
  8. White Bird of Paradise: This plant has a large flat deep green oval leaves resembling banana leaves. Native to South Africa but grown in Florida, the white bird of paradise can grow to at least 7-8 feet tall.
  9. Orange Bird of Paradise: The orange of paradise resembles a bird in flight or its crested head—hence the name. It grows in a clumping form with thick, gray-green leaves on graceful, upright stems.

Looking at tropical gardens from the internet is one way to find inspiration for a design you like.

You can replicate or combine many designs to your desired preferences.

Color and size are always considerations when it comes to the plants for your garden.

Tropical Furnishings

When it comes to the accessories and furnishings that come with the garden, it is essential to match the tropical theme.

Choose items that reflect a more laid-back lifestyle. If you’ve been to any vacation island spot, then designs from there are an excellent place to start.

Some things you can add to the garden:

  1. Water Feature: Having a tropical style fountain or waterfall can bring more tranquility through sound. A pond filled with fish like koi is also a good option.
  2. Warm Outdoor Lighting: Using warm lights to help give brightness when the sun goes down will enhance the theme. It also enables you to spend a little more extra time outdoors.
  3. Tropical Furniture: Wicker and bamboo furniture are good choices thanks to their natural wood look. They match well with the garden theme. We recommend colorful cushions as it fits better with a tropical design.

Other Design Elements

Replicating a native island environment requires the use of natural materials.

One way to approach a tropical garden is to make it a secluded paradise.

By narrowing the view and creating pathways that wind through the foliage, you can immerse yourselves in the environment.

Here are some other materials you can use:

  • Crushed stones and smooth pebbles
  • Wood chips
  • Wood beams
  • Tree trunks

You can also use outdoor design elements such as sculptures to finish the garden design.

You can opt for something natural like a large rock formation or go for more classy stone sculptures. You can also add other structures by the garden, such as a tiki bar.

Maintaining the garden will be a significant factor to think about after its creation.

While tropical gardens don’t need a lot of maintenance, you have to ensure enough provisions.

Sunlight and water have to be adequate. Regular cleaning is also a must in maintaining its beauty.

Tropical Garden Designs with Southern City Farm

Southern City Farm has supplied exotic plants to landscape contractors and residences.

We are one of the most leading sources of ornamental landscape plants in New Orleans. We also offer sprouts, microgreens, edible flowers, and herbs.

Our expertise when it comes to plants, has helped make many satisfied customers.

We’ve also worked with businesses for landscaping, creating many beautiful tropical gardens.

Here are some things we can help you with:

  • Proper soil and plants for the climate
  • Layout and design
  • Maintenance advice

We can help you choose the right plants, and suitable materials to fit your garden vision.

Your tropical paradise garden is one call away.

Call us to know more about the services we provide: 504-214-7521