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Creative Team February 9th, 2024

Southern City Farm and Landscaping: Creating the Best Uptown Courtyards in New Orleans

Allow us to transform your outdoor environment into somewhere you would spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

We can create a cozy uptown courtyard for your home or business with even the smallest of outdoor spaces.

We know the great potential of outdoor space to become a place of comfort where you can enjoy the air, the light, privacy, security, and tranquility.

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Uptown Courtyards for Your Home

Courtyards are prevalent in homes that are located in temperate climates where an open central court can aid in cooling a house in warm weather. In New Orleans, uptown courtyards can help in the circulation of air during very hot and humid summers.

We build and landscape uptown courtyards for your home that can provide privacy for your family, and provide a functional space where you can spend a break from everyday life and provide a safe place where children can play.

You can take ownership of your space in a courtyard by designing it to suit your style and to complement the architecture of your home.

Uptown Courtyards for Your Business

Well-designed courtyard gardens add a ‘wow’ factor to any business establishment, as it provides a welcoming outdoor space that guests will enjoy and spend time in. Imagine how guests will want to sit, relax, stay, and come back again for that experience in your cozy courtyard.

We incorporate stately containers, architectural balance, and cool, shady corners that match your business, whether you are engaged in the food industry, in the hospitality industry, or whatever business.

Courtyards can be great venues for meetings, business gatherings, and celebrations, or simply a place of retreat where you and your employees and guests can break away from the rigors of work.

Designing a Courtyard to Make it Your Special Place

We make great residential and commercial uptown courtyard gardens that transform your outdoor space into a private escape. Our experienced and well-trained team enclose your spaces that blend a beautiful garden with the comforts of your home and business establishment.

Here is how we stir a little magic in creating and designing uptown courtyard gardens that will make this outdoor living space everyone’s favorite spot, from the Golden Rules in designing a courtyard of House Beautiful:

Don’t add too much in small spaces.

Creating structure for the whole space does not necessarily mean that you have to fill up a courtyard with pots and containers. This will make it more like a storage room than a place where you can feel a sense of openness.

Don’t let the fences or walls overwhelm the view.

We integrate boundaries of a courtyard to the overall design of the space and the architecture of the surrounding structures. We make sure that we build your walls and fences in a way that it will not overcome the focal point of your courtyard.

Adding screening only where it is absolutely necessary.

The screens we put up like trellis or plants, to block off view from your neighbors and passersby, are strategically placed so that they will not cut off the light.

Comfy seats are the best.

We know that your courtyard garden should be a comfortable place, so we suggest the use of outdoor sofas and rattan easy chairs that feel good and look good. They are easier on the rear than benches so you can sit and lie down comfortably, even for a long time.

Track the sun for shade or light.

We consider proper positioning of your uptown courtyard garden so that your plants get enough sunlight while you can enjoy the shade of a cover to stay cool.

Soften the area where walls and floor meet.

To make your courtyard more welcoming and cozy, we put containers to soften the area where the walls meet the floor which is often an unwelcoming, clinical, and yard-like sight.

Go one shade lighter on your grouting.

The lines formed by the grouting on your paving may sometimes become the most dominant feature in your courtyard, especially in small spaces. We work this out by going one shade lighter than the stone slabs. This way, the paving complements the landscape of your courtyard instead of being a focal point.

The Wow Factors that We Add to Uptown Courtyards

Apart from the little magic that we stir up to creating and designing uptown courtyards, we whip up factors that add to the landscaping aesthetics as well as:

Placing the perfect plants

In a courtyard garden, the choice of plants is very important because plants create the mood of your outdoor space. Our plant experts can transform your cramped space into an oasis by incorporating the perfect plants into your courtyard garden. They live by simple rules like:

  • Greenery, flowers, and flowering trees are used to help soften the hardscape
  • Vertical surfaces of walls provide an ideal spot to train vines
  • Giving enough space for roots of perennial plants to grow when planting them in containers
  • Use vines that withstand lower light conditions
  • Trees and shrubs give a courtyard garden a vertical element
  • Non-stop flowering annuals (white flowers, purple flowers, and all other hues for flowers) stage a courtyard cottage garden
  • Vines trained on tall trellises and walls add vertical movement

Adding Effective Makeovers

Effective makeovers that we can add to bring structure and unity in your uptown courtyard include (but are not limited to):

  • Large containers (terracotta, stone, concrete, or other containers)
  • Wall hangings (iron, stone, or outdoor photos)
  • Storage shed
  • Furniture (comfy seats, dining table, bistro set, bench)
  • Mirrors to make small courtyard spaces look larger
  • Water feature (small wall fountain)
  • Lighting (twinkling lights, candles, lanterns)

Making the Upkeep Easier For You

We design and create uptown courtyards that will not stress you with the upkeep it needs after we’re gone, although we can have our garden experts make garden visits to assist you.

The good quality compost we use for courtyard gardens will give more growth for your plants and fewer problems. We prepare the right soil mixture to make all the plants thrive.

Included in building your uptown courtyard is a water butt to make it easier for you to access water.

Beautiful Uptown Courtyard Designs from Southern City Farm and Landscaping

Southern City Farm and Landscaping has an awesome team of landscape architects, designers, and garden experts who can upscale your outdoor space even in a modern and urban setting, into a beautiful oasis of an uptown courtyard garden.

Be amazed by the simplicity and sophistication of stunning uptown courtyard gardens that are transformed into an idyllic spot, for the young or old, to get some fresh air, reconnect with nature, and simply chill.