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Festival season is in full swing! There are so many exciting events during the month of May, it *may* just leave your head spinning… In particular, the good people of Nola were pumped about the long-awaited return of the Annual Jazz & Heritage Festival. Over 475,000 folks gathered at the fairgrounds for this year’s celebration! […]

Let SCF help you create the perfect backyard fiesta tonight!  Here are a few of our favorite Cinco de Mayo recipes to give you some fresh ideas and ways to use our micros, sprouts, and edible flowers!  Remember – our products are available for home delivery and at these local grocers: Robert Fresh Market – […]

Springtime means there’s lots to be done outside! The balmy days of April & May in NOLA are the perfect time to tackle those outdoor projects. Take advantage of the cool breeze before that summer humidity sets in, y’all. SCF is here to help! … Maybe you want to freshen up those flower beds. … […]

Mondo grass, scientifically named ophiopogon japonicus, is a popular plant due to its many uses in landscaping. It’s versatile, low-maintenance, and thrives in full to part shade. It comes in two sizes, standard (grows 8” – 12”) and dwarf (grows 4” – 6”), and you can get it in green or black! Probably the most […]

As mentioned in previous posts, I planted a few stalks of corn in our Victory Garden. Well, it’s time to start pollinating! I’ll have to hand pollinate because there aren’t enough stalks planted to guarantee that they will be pollinated naturally. I would have needed to plant at least 4 rows of corn to realistically […]

  Our Backyard Victory Garden what we planted To start, the LSU College of Agriculture has great resources for gardeners. Their Vegetable Planting Guide is pure gold. Despite being readily available online, I probably have 6 different printed copies scattered around the house. I used that guide to confirm that what I wanted to plant […]

The spread of COVID-19 has made it worrisome for anyone to go to the grocery store, and it’s made it extremely difficult for grocers to keep their shelves stocked. Many are turning back to another time for inspiration on how to deal with the need to feed their families during these trying days. As a […]

At Southern City Farm, we love providing our customers with beautiful plants grown locally in Louisiana. When your yard is finished but your green thumb needs tending, consider adding pots in a neglected patio corner or spruce up your front porch. Container gardening allows you to enjoy the benefits of a broad range of plants […]